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What is a platform?

We all hear and use the terms platform and platform businesses. We can also list several examples of platform business models. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Uber and Google (the search engine), are just a few of the international platform. In our country’s internet space, we can also mention Aparat, Digikala, Blogfa, Bama, Divar, Shipoor, as well as Snap, Tepsi, Club, Poonisha, List Sekand and Bazaar Cafe, as good examples of successful and popular platforms.

Consultants and parts of the hall stands a height higher than the rest of the hall, called platform. During recent centuries, if anyone gone on a platform that is better, it has been called the rig platform. It is interesting to know that in Latin literature, there is a similar word in the form of Pulpitum, which is used in the same sense: a high place where priests stand so that they can be seen better and their voices can be heard better.

A platform is a business. Platforms create value through interaction. Platforms create and shape the interaction between external producers and external consumers. An important part of the role of the platform is to create the infrastructure for the formation of interactions and also to determine the framework and rules governing these interactions.

As you can see, the most important feature of the platform is that instead of producing and offering a product, it creates space and infrastructure for a relationship between producers and consumers of a product (product or service).

Given that businesses do not have a specialized platform in product production and supply, their heart is in the mechanism that connects supplier and demander.

The algorithms that do this are called matching algorithms.

The better a platform can bring the supplier to the demander and vice versa, the more suitable a supplier will find for each demand.

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Construction in today’s conditions may be simplified, but its complexities have increased. Finding well-known executive teams with knowledge and a brilliant track record is the main concern of the building audience. On the other hand, accepted performers, due to the ignorance of the audience, in most cases, are placed next to incompetent people and are therefore harmed. Radis platform has solved these two main problems by inviting efficient teams to stand together and create a cooperative space.

Today, Radis’ audience is people who are involved in construction and need executive teams in various specialties, or may even be willing to leave all the work to a capable, experienced and reliable team.

In addition to providing key and core services in the structure and identity of independent (providers), Radis is also ready to conclude zero to one hundred construction contracts in the form of contract management. Therefore, the esteemed recipient can receive each of the available services independently or request all the needs together.

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Construction is a process that begins when a decision is made and may continue until the end of a building’s life. Directly and indirectly, nearly 500 jobs are involved in the construction industry, operating in both the goods and services sector. Architectural design, mapping, interior and exterior decoration design, mechanical and technical calculators, engineering, structural design, execution of each stage of work such as: construction of structures, formwork, construction, carpentry, cabinet making, metalworking, plastering and …

Among these jobs, some of them are directly influenced by the opinions and tastes of the employer, and some have key effects on each other that can greatly increase the final quality of the project by working closely together.

Radis platform has tried to provide conditions based on specific criteria and with the aim of facilitating the employer’s relationship with key jobs that affect each other, so that the employer can quickly connect with providers and complete their project.

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Radis platform: It is a host that acts as a neutral platform and provides conditions for people active in different areas of the construction industry to be better seen and to complement each other by being together in a specific space. These conditions, in addition to reducing the waste of audience time, also increase the quality of project implementation.

Provider: Each of the jobs present in the physical space of the platform that provide the service or product is called the provider. Providers are natural or legal persons who operate legally, formally and with an independent identity and conduct commercial and non-commercial transactions. These members are placed on physical platforms or on virtual platforms of the platform and are not fixed individuals. Actually

Customer / Audience: Any person who receives goods or services directly or indirectly from the platform. These goods or services may be individual or a set of services. The customer / recipient pursues his claims based on the contracts made between himself and the provider.

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